About Us

GeoDrones Aerial Services LLC

GeoDrones is a leading Drone Services Company in the United Arab Emirates operating around the Middle East Region. We provide Commercial and Professional Aerial Services using Drones utilizing the Cutting Edge Drones for Industry Applications.


Our Mission

To help organizations revolutionize their business by employing our Drones Solutions

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About The Company

GeoDrones Aerial Services LLC, a Dubai based Commercial Drone Services Provider, an innovative startup based in Dubai, commissioned in 2020 with a mission to provide superior quality Drone Commercial Services to customers across the United Arab Emirates using High End Industrial Drones, Aerial Imaging Software and Analytics. 

GeoDrones aims to be the Industry Leader in Commercial Drone Services across United Arab Emirates and in the GCC region.

We are always in the duel to preserve, uphold and be conversant with the advancement in Drone Technology and be able to provide our clients with Commercial Drone Services delivered with high accuracy, cost and time effective and safety for a better future. GeoDrones is excited about the Drone Technology’s potential and unmatched benefits over Traditional Techniques of Land Surveying, Mapping, Monitoring & Inspections. We remain always innovative, agile, and competitive in the nature of our Industry.