We provide Drone based Services in Land Surveying, Aerial Surveying for Land Management & Development, Land Slope monitoring, Stockpile volumetric measurements, designing smart cities, agricultural and fields. Quality, Accuracy, cost effectiveness and Safety are our priorities in our business to our Customers with the perpetual aim to achieve highly accurate topographic maps with Centimeter level Accuracy at any given time.

Equipped with the Industry’s most advanced Drones, Software and Trained Personnel supports our clients in obtaining their project deliverables faster, hence advocating more agile decision-making.

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We deliver the following industry data outputs, and not limited to:

Orthomosaic maps

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

3D point cloud

Contour Maps

Digital surface models (DSM)

3D Mesh and Digital Models

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Outputs formats for CAD and GIS

P4RTK Scene Pic


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