The popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones as more commonly known has become a popular choice for businesses amongst a multitude of industries. Professional commercial drones are reinventing old businesses and even creating brand new opportunities. From anything like innovations in media coverage and filmmaking to new capabilities for emergency responders, drones can do some pretty incredible things. The GCAA set regulations that clarified the legal landscape for drone usage for work and business.

Ever since then, there has been a boom in industrial applications of UAV technology, and it doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon. We here at Geo Drones work with oil & gas companies, construction, development, and real estate companies in the Middle East and provide them with aerial drone inspection and surveying services. So we know all there is to know about commercial drone use and what being a drone service company means and wanted to let you know some of the brilliant commercial drones uses for high-end drones. So let’s check them out!

Commercial Drone Uses In Businesses

While drones have been widely popular as a video and photography tool with marketing execs spearheading the innovation, the case isn’t limited to it anymore. Nowadays, you can find commercial drone uses in various industries, from agriculture to internet access. It has evolved into a versatile tool that offers the potential to reimagine some of the most critical ways businesses operate. In the following passages, you will find all the uses from drone aerial inspection and surveying in a wide range of industries. So let’s check them out!


Drone surveying and aerial inspection services have made quite a bit of impact on agriculture, and farmers worldwide are adopting UAVs to change how they operate and create efficient farming methods. Aerial drone inspection and surveying are helping farmers identify failing plants early and take inventory of crops. Still, the machines can also be used to map and study the farmland and its irrigation systems. 

Without drones, these tasks used to be time-consuming, but now, with the help of professional commercial drone services, farms have become much more efficient. In addition to these tasks, commercial drones can spray pesticides, fertilizers, or water on crops. For farms that work with livestock, drones offer specialized services that can be used to monitor the animals and quickly gather and track valuable data about animal health and population.

Construction & Architecture

Drone surveying services have been changing the way architecture firms operate as well. Like real-estate professionals, architects use high-end drones to capture images and footage of a property to create 3D renderings of the structures they aim to build. 

These drones allow you to create aerial shots on which to place an architectural rendering quickly and affordably. It allows architects to develop real-world concepts of their projects, and this ability is indispensable to create accurate designs and understand how they fit within properties. These plans and maps also help out the construction and development company that is tasked with bringing the design to life.


Delivering products by drones has always been a viable option, and the idea got even more traction when Amazon started fiddling with the idea of Amazon Prime Air. While there is a low maximum load-bearing weight in most countries, that will change as the technology evolves. Drone delivery offers fantastic delivery opportunities for hard-to-reach areas that have treacherous roads.

Drone Service Companies

Drone as a service has become a popular option nowadays, with widespread demand for drone services for commercial use. Companies like Geo Drones work to lower the risks and costs associated with using drones for business by providing “turnkey drone solutions” to entrepreneurs and enterprises of all stripes. While Geo Drones is usually working with oil, gas, and construction companies, other specialized professional commercial drone services are needed for different industries. 

Emergency Services

In recent years the use of drones has seeped into the medical sector as well. It is now meeting several medical needs and is opening up new opportunities for life-saving measures. The impact of commercial drones is most visible for emergency services as high-end drones are used to get eyes on a challenging situation or deliver medical supplies to stranded victims. Drones are creating new ways for emergency response physicians to offer care in difficult situations.


The engineering sector has seen high-end drones become a mainstay, with commercial drones creating efficient and productive operations for a wide range of industries. Engineers worldwide use drones to develop in-depth projects like oil pipelines, transmission cables, and maintenance inspections. It’s a popular choice for companies that work on road construction and maintenance, airport planning, infrastructure projects, and many other engineering companies. Commercial drone surveying and inspection is the industry standard in engineering now, and it’s saying something given how new the technology is. 

Environmental Monitoring & Conservation Efforts

The similarities in the impact of drones on environmental monitoring and conservation efforts and farming are uncanny. Like how farmers use drones to monitor crops and animals, drones are used to keep tabs on ecological environments. One of the reasons it’s so prevalent in this sector is that it’s discreet and can monitor animal populations without disturbing them. 

Environmental Monitoring & Conservation Efforts - drone surveying services - Geo Drones

The data from this sort of monitoring is vital for conservation efforts, migration tracking, habitat management, and flood assessment on the coasts. Drones can also provide valuable data on the health of vegetative and animal populations, along with opening up the opportunity to observe and identify species in hard-to-reach places.


We’ve talked about capturing video using drones, and that makes commercial drones the perfect tool for media coverage. Before, aerial shots were only limited to large news organizations that could afford a newspaper helicopter. However, now with drones, local journalists and small-scale media outlets can easily capture aerial footage for their news coverage. Plus, drones can reach a wide range of places like tighter areas, lower to the ground that a news helicopter can never do. Drones can be used in simple tasks like conducting a face-to-face interview where the interviewer can use drones to take dynamic and engaging footage with a camera-equipped drone hovering nearby.


With drones becoming a mainstay in the world economy, there is a significant need for knowing how to operate UAVs and a UAV fleet, meaning there is an impact on education and training. Many companies are popping up, teaching, and showing companies how to operate drones and maneuver around regulations based on industries. You will find companies teaching how to operate drones in every sector like insurance, photography, construction, police, fire, rescue, inspections, agriculture, and many more. 

Wireless Internet

One brilliant use of drones that came into the limelight in recent years was using drones for internet connectivity when Facebook purchased solar-drone company Titan Aerospace. Facebook CEO said that they would retool the company to bring internet access to the developing world with the Aquila drone. The first test flight was successful recently. Zuckerburg has been a staunch supporter of using commercial drones to expand internet access worldwide. Other tech giants like Google and Amazon have invested in the sector with the perspective that the impact of drones on businesses shift as the technology evolves. 

Work With The Right Drone Services Company

With the ever-evolving technology and companies like DJI making strides into creating high-end drones capable of serving a wide range of industries and are durable enough to be a cost-effective solution. The drone regulatory bodies have caught wind of the potential of the technology, and the rules have become quite relaxed, unlike before. So now the viability of integrating drones as a part of your commercial operation. As you can see, the brilliant uses you see here are only the beginning, and as technology moves forward, the importance of professional drone commercial services will only increase. 

That’s where Geo Drones can help you. We have a high-end drone fleet with experienced pilots who will provide you with comprehensive aerial inspection, surveying, and other related services in the Middle East. So if you are looking for the best drone services company in Dubai or the Middle East, please contact us, and we will help you out. Also, drop your questions in the comments below and send in your thoughts and suggestions on serving you better. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!