Commercial Drone Services

Commercial Drone ServicesGeoDrones Aerial Services LLC provides end-to-end commercial drone services for all your business in a professional and ethical manner. We are a government approved commercial drone service provider with engaging image and video editing and creation in the Middle East.

We offer a wide range of commercial drone services throughout the UAE including Dubai. Our drone survey services enable you to collect data with accurate measurements and process it in less time. You can use drone survey services for various projects ranging from detailed information to huge assets, long roads, mines etc.

Our expert data specialists create a topographic map from the collected image and geo-reference data, according to the customer’s requirement. They can compile collected data into a digital terrain model as well for your easy access and work planning. The topographic map we create is a detailed and accurate representation of the project site features.

Are you looking for a precise and more crystal image that you see on Google map, let us create a stunning Orthomosaic map that you can use in real estate for providing a detailed map of your property to your client. Orthomosaic maps allow you to see the progress of work at your construction project.

Who Should Avail Commercial Drone Services?

  • The builder who has real estate project to sell
  • Those who have construction on
  • One who is engaged in oil and gas industry
  • Marketer
  • Event organizer
  • Solar, Wind and other industries business tycoon