Drone company Dubai

Drone company DubaiThe drone, known as unmanned aerial vehicle, is controlled by a remote controller and has witnessed a significant growth in popularity in recent years. drones became a necessity for all industries to deploy to perform multiple tasks apart from the length and breadth of industry. GeoDrones Aerial Services LLC is engaged in aerospace products focused on commercial drones. We have expanded our service to aerial mapping, surveying, drone inspection, aerial photography, drone video and data processing.

Consistent good performance, timely delivery, affordable drone service charges, unmatched customer support etc, are something we inherited  that have contributed us to making the top drone company in Dubai. GeoDrones Aerial Services LLC has been approved by the Department of Aviation which allows drone services to be carried out throughout the UAE region. Pilots and personnel at GEODRONE are insured. They have experienced enough to fly drones, take geo-tagged images, capture Full HD video and high resolution images and process data.

Our data analyzer processes the captured drone data and generates output in the customer’s desired format in record fast time. They also assist you with recorded data and explain in details of each format where it is DTM, DSM, 3d Model or any format.

For any drone services such as GIS surveying, Drone inspection, 3D mapping or elevated image connect top drone company in Dubai, the GeoDrones Aerial Services LLC.