Drone surveying mapping services

Drone surveying mapping servicesWe remain unarguable as the top company for offering effective drone service in UAE including Dubai. Our drone survey and mapping service is faster, safer, accurate and most efficient to survey at height. Use our drone surveying service for roof inspection, bridge survey, large building survey, land surveyor topographic survey, elevated photography, aerial video etc.

Aerial Survey is an advanced method of collecting image and geographic information using aerial materials. We use drones for aerial surveys across UAE. Traditional methods for topographic survey are not as effective as using drones.

Drone collects crystal images in fraction of seconds with high accuracy. You can use our done aerial survey for collecting different types of data such as aerial photography or lidar.

We use advanced photogrammetric software to create orthomosaics. Hiring our drone surveying services Dubai or Drone Mapping Services Dubai and all over UAE. Allows you to capture desired data faster at the lowest cost.

We offer you flexibility in distribution of various data formats

We help you capture the image of defined locations from different angles with geo-tags not in hundreds but in thousands. With the help of Drone Deploy or other photogrammetric software we create 3D models or orthomosaic that are able to calculate the exact distance of objects, read volume and surface. Typically, the taken image is stored in a memory card that is processed technically and converts into your desired format.

  •         Point Cloud
  •         DEM
  •         DTM
  •         DSM
  •         TIN
  •         Break lines
  •         Contours

Why should you hire our drone surveying & Mapping services in UAE for next projects?

  •         We abide by the rule and regulation set by the Federal Aviation Administration and GDCA.

.      Our pilot and drone professionals passed the training

  •       Our work is so accurate that it is loved by the National Geodetic Survey.
  •    We are registered by the Dubai Civil aviation authority to carry out commercial drone surveys in the permitted area.
  •       Committed to finish project on time