Drone technologies have advanced a lot, so much so that it has seeped into every aspect of life. Everyone from the average joe who loves to fly drones to YouTubers and filmmakers using drones to take breathtaking shots and not to mention the military operating drones for reconnaissance and long-range combat. The uses are endless, and industries around the world are getting in on the action.

There plenty of different ways drones are changing the world as we know it, and one of the most heavily impacted industries is the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas companies need aerial mapping and surveying services, and drones are perfect for this. Drone aerial surveying is saving costs and time while also impacting and improving efficiency and safety. It offers more than just good old regular photos. 

It aids massively in exploration, pipelines, and operations. Thus, the economic benefits and environmental benefits and its helping oil and gas companies reduce costs and improve efficiency and competitiveness. It has the potential to serve oil and gas companies in all aspects of oil and gas companies and even has the potential to support extraction, production, and distribution. With new developments in sensor technology, drones can now perform a wide range of inspections and monitoring. Drones now can replace many traditional methods while supplementing and enhancing other parts. 

The new developments also allow oil and gas companies to detect existing and potential faults and root out security issues that might impact the existing infrastructure and workers. One of the reasons we know so much about drones and the impact it has had and will continue to have in the oil and gas industry is because we here at Geo Drones work with oil and gas companies around the middle east. So we have seen firsthand how the oil and gas companies are becoming dependent on drone aerial services. 

With increased competition, fluctuating prices, and dwindling stocks in existing wells, companies are looking to move towards non-conventional sources and challenging environments. Drones aerial services are taking the industry by storm. Oil and gas companies use drones for Oil and gas exploration, inspection and monitoring pipelines, Oil and gas operations, and many other services. 

Drone Aerial Services On Gas & Oil Exploration

Drones are a cost-effective and safe solution for existing and new onshore and offshore sites. From aerial surveying and mapping to underground and undersea explorations, many different things make a big difference to oil and gas companies in the Middle East and the gulf. Drones are making water sampling and creating 3D maps of prospective sites and surroundings a breeze. 

Drone aerial services allow oil and gas companies to gather valuable data and process information to make forecasts and address breakdowns making things much more efficient. It’s a faster way of collecting data and calculating the geological and seismic data in all exploration sites. One key thing oil and gas companies look for when using drones for their companies are fleets with appropriate sensors and software tools to make collecting accurate data fast and straightforward. Drones allow companies to find the best location where to install the facility, access routes, and other logistics. 

If you work with a top-end drone fleet like the one at Geo Drones, then you will have access to cutting-edge technology like GPS and laser scannings that allows the UAVs to generate 3D maps. It is instrumental in determining the shape and elevation of objects. Maps like this help oil and gas company engineers plan better. It clearly shows mountains, rivers, buildings, roads, and other essential features in the location, with aerial drone services to get round-the-clock updates of the operations such as construction work. It can even help you find hazards or issues before getting too big, making it an overall fantastic service to take up for oil and gas companies. 

Oil and gas exploration companies need underground exploration. Drones are perfect for this as they can go down hollow tubes and collect valuable data and images to help researchers find detecting oil products. The same goes for undersea location exploration. The drones can collect water samples from different locations and let the chemists analyze and determine any oil products available. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. 

Most Important Drone Aerial Services For Gas & Oil Companies

Drones offer a wide variety of services that ensure pipelines are operating efficiently and safely. It is usually more cost-effective and is a faster way to inspect pipelines. Traditionally it would take weeks or months, expensive equipment, resources, and workforce. Now with a drone fleet, oil and gas companies can survey and map rugged terrain, remote locations, and other hard-to-reach areas without putting their workers at risk. 

Most Important Drone Aerial Services For Gas & Oil Companies - Geo Drones

Drones let oil and gas companies inspect, monitor pipelines, conduct safe repairs, check for natural conditions, and many other things. Aerial drone inspection will allow you to detect leaks, spills, and damage before it becomes a huge environmental issue. So here are some of the essential services that a drone fleet offers gas and oil companies. Let’s check it out!

Remote Monitoring & Surveillance

Almost all oil and gas companies use drones for remote monitoring and surveillance. It covers everything from infrastructure, equipment, tankers and trucks, and other assets. A 360-degree view for monitoring field operations is vital for oil and gas companies while also letting them inspect the progress of under-construction and provide encroachment detection. The ability to remotely monitor and inspect unmanned production platforms is a fantastic service facilitating and helping oil and gas companies grow sustainably.

Inspection & Predictive Maintenance

You can fit drones with ultrasonic sensors and visual inspection technologies, such as cameras and thermal imagers. Equipping drones with these technologies help oil and gas companies to carry out a close-range nondestructive inspection of oil and gas assets and help detect flaws and defects. For example, it has been a highly efficient drone aerial service evaluating pipelines, exterior surfaces, and sub-surfaces of storage tanks and marine vessels. In addition, companies are merging drone data with advanced analytics to create models that allow them to predict the current health of the equipment and project potential malfunctions.

Methane Management

Drone aerial services are helping oil and gas companies everywhere to manage and reduce methane to support the worldwide campaign against climate change and global warming. Companies are fitting cutting-edge sensors on target assets, or mounted on drones, for obtaining real-time data. It’s a developing sector with a Norwegian company named Equinor developing LIDAR tech to detect methane leaks. 

Emergency Response

Gas and oil companies need to be on top of a crisis. Drones offer a birds-eye view of a developing situation in the event of an industrial accident or a natural disaster. In case of oil spills or fire incidents, real-time drone imagery and video analytics will help you clearly map it out. It makes coordinating emergency response and directing resources to the right places ensuring personnel safety. 

Material Handling

Technology companies are experimenting with how well drones can deliver products in VLOS and BVLOS scenarios. While the main focus has been on consumer and healthcare applications, there is enormous potential for oil and gas companies. Drone companies are trying to build fleets capable of delivering payloads to production platforms located nearby. While the restriction on the size and weight of the payload can be a limiting factor in this situation, it can be used for delivering smaller objects. 

Benefits Of Drone Aerial Services For Oil & Gas Companies

As you can see, drone aerial services are more than just mapping and surveying tools. There are several benefits to working with a certified company like Geo Drones with a cutting-edge fleet with all the permits and experts who can operate the fleet to perfection. Most of the drones have flexible plug and play payload, while others have several sensors and abilities to perform complex inspections and process the data. 

The most significant benefits you can have from aerial drone services is that it offers improved safety, low cost, gathering and providing detailed visual and other inspection data from critical assets. In addition, since drones allow oil and gas companies regular, inexpensive and fast inspections to improve efficiency and productivity, identifying existing and potential faults faster ensure that they can do maintenance before it becomes too big. The benefits seem aplenty, and it will be a part of the industry for the foreseeable future. 

Securing The Future With High-End Drone Aerial Services

As you can see, drones are now more than simply mapping and surveying. New technology developments and continuous development in technology are facilitating faster growth. Technology like infrared cameras, corrosion testing technologies, gas detectors, 3D laser scanning, ultrasonic testing, and many others are ensuring oil and gas companies grow sustainably. 

If you want to increase your mode of operations in the Middle East significantly, you need high-end drones to help you out with mapping, surveying, inspecting, and many other drone aerial services. In that regard, we here at Geo Drones can help you out. We have a team of experts and a cutting-edge fleet with comprehensive experience and have all the certification to make your oil and gas company improve your operations, efficiency, and competitiveness. 

Our team is geared to take your company to the future, and if you are looking for a drone aerial service provider in the Middle East and the Gulf area, then please contact us, and we will take care of it all. If you have any further questions, you can drop them in the comments below and hit us up on our socials to send in your thoughts and suggestions. We love to hear your feedback. It helps us hone our services to better cater to your needs, so do send them in. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!