If you think drone mapping services are only for situations that involve aerial surveying, aerial inspection, making maps, assessing data, and analytics, you are wrong. Modern-day drone services allow much more than just land surveying. Drone services offer aerial mapping for large and small areas for land development, mining, land inspections, construction projects, roads & infrastructures, and real estate.

Drone services are used for real estate globally across America, Europe, and Asia to plan and capture high-resolution images and videos of residential multi-unit projects either to help them sell the infrastructure or just for inspection and surveying. They do this to maximize the appeal of the land or the real estate since a good top view can help them sell the settlement more easily. For this, commercial photographers are hired to take out beautiful pictures. 

The first agent to use drones for real estate photography was in 2015 in Arizona. Since then, the usage of drones on real estate has become common, at least in the U.S. More than 350 commercial drones out of 1000 were given for real estate marketing. There’s no stopping of real estate drone services as the photography industry is embracing the concept of drone photography even more.

The Importance of Aerial Drone Services For Real Estates

1. Dynamic & Precise Visuals

Aerial drone services simplify the conception of drone photography by providing all the necessary steps. Even if you don’t know anything about using a drone, you still get dynamic pictures. The drones provided by services account for the swift maneuvering, allowing them to monitor and take aerial imagery and footage. With powerful drones, you can take as many detailed images from every angle possible for better viewing or inspection. The visual content captured is then crafted by intelligent sensors and platforms to create stunning visuals.

2. Improves The Chance of Listing

We have discussed earlier that the conception of drone photography is to make it look more appealing to the clients. This is done to prepare the real estate for better listing. Aerial drone photography has immense potential to spark interest and curiosity in the houses and pathways. Real estate agents use this to lure in more customers and clients. It’s all about marketing an estate in the right way to generate good value. 

3. Helps Generate Businesses 

Yes, drone mapping companies can help your business to thrive by creating various business potentials. For example, real estate and property management can bring more business opportunities by using drones to conduct virtual tours. These virtual tours can be appealing, and because it’s happening in real-time, clients get to see the exact building in its exact state. Not only that, the aerial imagery and mapping also allow clients to see the listings’ surroundings and environment before they make a decision. 

4. Saves Time, Money & Effort

Also, drone photography for real estate saves time and money. You do not need to take your clients to the property location now if it’s very far away. Instead, you can use drones to show them the entire property without having them move an inch. The drones these days are built with high-definition and improved quality of operation and therefore are able to present clean and crisp views and images. It may take a fortune to buy a drone for real estate purposes, but it doesn’t take a lot to hire a drone service to get your job done.

5. Presents High Accuracy

Human-based scaling and measurement can sometimes be flawed. With drone surveillance, you get accurate scaling and models. The drones can calculate the directions, magnitude, angles, etc., very precisely and accurately. And for this reason, drone photography, mapping, 3D maps and models, aerial surveys are preferred as they can take correct measurements.

The Statistics of Drone Services in Real Estates    


Most of the land projects in North America are using drones for marketing purposes. A statistic shows that 44% of real estate marketing includes the usage of commercial drones for aerial mapping. According to National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports, the interest in using drones for the real estate market has increased. Out of 44% of members, 14% uses drones for marketing, 12% reports that someone is using drones for marketing in their office, and 18% plan on using drones for marketing.

The Statistics of Drone Services in Real Estates - drone mapping services - Geo Drones

This single-handedly boomed drone service usage while systematically growing the real estate industry’s market value significantly. As of now, in 2021, more than 10 million drones are sold worldwide, and this will only increase with time. It’s also been anticipated that the value will reach further higher to $90 million by 2025.

Final Thoughts

If you have read the statistics by NAR above, you know that the concept of using drone services for real estate marketing will have a positive outcome in the near future. With that said, if you are thinking of hiring aerial mapping services, think about GeoDrones.

Why GeoDrones? Because we are equipped with the industry’s best drones in the fleet. All our drones are high-end and most advanced that capture high-resolution photographs and provide high-quality processing.