There is a growing need for commercial drone services globally, with technology making it easy to explore new avenues for growth and make the supply chain much more efficient. Aerial service companies all around the world are working with companies working in all industries across the globe. 

While drones have made recent headlines due to leading e-commerce giants like Amazon started working with drones to deliver products. However, drones have been impacting other industries for quite some time now. Industries like real-estate, oil & gas companies and construction and development companies have been using aerial service companies to expand and manage their business. 

Commercial drone services need high-end drones to achieve the results of companies, and your average drone falls way short of that mark. Geo Drones is a specialized aerial service company that provides top-notch drone services in Dubai and the Gulf. So we know all there is to know about commercial drone services and why we use high-end drones, and we thought we should let you know why commercial drone services need commercial drones. 

These drones are usually more durable, flexible, precise, reliable, supportable, and have lower life cycle operating costs making them the perfect choice for companies. But there’s more. In the following passages, you will find all the reasons why high-end drones are the instrument of choice for aerial service companies. But that’s not all. We will also give you reviews about the three best professional commercial drones in the market right now. So let’s begin!


Professional drones used for commercial drone services are far more durable than their consumer counterparts. These drones usually fly more hours and in much more hazardous conditions than an enthusiast or the typical consumer videographer. Professional drones are specially designed to work day in and day out without breaking down due to their sturdy designs. 


Flexibility is a vital aspect when it comes to commercial drone services. Commercial services usually require a wide range of sensors and controllers or communication devices as services vary widely. You won’t find the durability or flexibility with the consumer variant that you do with commercial ones. The consumer drones usually have the entire system pre-specified for general photography and videography requirements, and that’s not enough to be used for commercial purposes. 

While you will see many professional drone pilots create make-shift solutions into consumer drones to provide commercial aerial services, but these don’t scale well. The intelligent flight modes that come with consumer-level drones are not enough to meet the demands of businesses. That’s where high-end professional drones come in and offer the flexibility needed to operate efficiently.

Data Precision

Data precision is vital when it comes to industries like oil and gas. That’s why survey-grade accuracy and pinpoint location positioning of aerial images, video, or measurements is critical. It usually requires GPS positioning with millimeter accuracy and equally precise sensor measurements that you will find only in professional drones.

High-end drones used in commercial services usually have sensitive sensors like LIDAR, Thermal Imaging, Optical Gas Imaging, and many others that provide precise data. While consumer drones have some level of camera integration, they are usually not tightly integrated and don’t capture the exact location of the image or video captured. That makes consumer drones a wrong choice that doesn’t provide the precise data you need to create accurate maps or take precise readings. 


Commercial drone services will usually have drones operating over people or in a hazard zone. That means there’s a more significant need for these high-end drones to be reliable than their consumer counterparts. Professional drones have communication systems that far outclass the system you will find in the highest-end OcuSync Lightbridge found in DJI Mavic Pro. 

You will find sensors like extra collision detection sensors or parachutes that achieve levels of safe operation required by regulatory bodies for drones to provide commercial services. Consumer drones are notorious for failing batteries or falling off, resulting in catastrophic crashes to the earth. That cannot be the case for commercial drone services where the drones will be flying over a crowd or even an oil field.

Support & Maintenance

Commercial drone services like the drone services in Dubai usually have complex systems designed to provide aerial services over a long time. That’s why you will see aerial service companies invest in high-end drones that offer a high level of maintainability. All the parts have to be monitored and replaced, and systems upgraded as needed over time. On the other hand, consumer drones have a disposable mentality as they are relatively inexpensive and can be replaced with the next latest low-cost toy.

The Life Cost Cycle

Commercial drone service companies usually operate a fleet of high-end drones, and aerial service companies know that the cost of the drone is only a fraction of the actual operating cost. We’ve seen many professionals overthink whether to spend on a disposable drone that you can replace easily or get a durable, maintainable drone that lasts much longer. 

One common thing we see is that pilots invest in fuel cell-powered drones with higher up-front equipment costs. This drone flies farther and has a more reliable refueling system than the conventional batteries that inevitably fail. Consumers don’t consider all the variables that aerial service companies do. Consumers usually look for drones that are the lowest priced but provide the quality of photography and videography. 

However, commercial UAV services have entirely different needs than the average consumer. Aerial service companies need drones that even the most popular consumer drones like DJI Mavic, Parrot Bebop, GoPro Karma, Blade Chroma, or Yuneec Typhoon cannot provide. Commercial drone services require more than a flying frame with a built-in camera; they merely collect live video or aerial images, communicates with your mobile device or fpv goggles. 

These companies need the highest image quality, professional-grade cameras, and sensors that only come with high-end drones. So that’s the reason aerial service companies in Dubai and other places use high-end drones that are more durable, flexible, precise, reliable, maintainable, and reasonably cost-effective. Now that you know what makes high-end drones perfect for commercial drone services let’s check out the best professional drones that aerial service companies use. So let’s check them out!

Best Professional Drones In The Market

Best Professional Drones In The Market - High End Drones - Geo Drones

By now, you already know that commercial drones are focused on specific applications and tuned to specific applications. While there are not many drones that can help you in this regard, there are quite a few drones out there that can handle commercial services. Here are three of the best in the market that aerial service companies usually have in their fleet:

DJI Matrice 210 RTK

The DJI Matrice 210 RTK is a high-end drone designed to endure harsh conditions and has been fitted with the technology to make it highly adaptable for commercial use. It has a rugged and versatile design, making it an excellent tool for multiple applications. It can efficiently perform high-value tasks such as aerial mapping, power line inspection, search and rescue, wind turbine inspection, facilities inspection, firefighting, construction site mapping, and many others.

 The Matrice 210 RTK is fitted with high-performance motors and 17-inch propellers that guarantee stable flight even when there are strong winds. It has a dual-battery power system that automatically heats batteries when flying in sub-zero temperatures, while an enclosed design ensures weather and water resistance making it safe from the elements. 

The high-end drone even offers 4K video monitoring with its CrystalSky monitors coupled with Cendence handheld remote controllers. Carrying it isn’t hard as well. It has a folding body with a specially designed traveling case that can take all the necessary parts you need to finish each mission. Rated IP43, the Matrice 210 RTK is perfect for field operations as it has a weather- and water-resistant body.

DJI Matrice 600 PRO

The best part about this high-end drone is the fact that you can set it up and be on the air in just a matter of minutes. The DJI Matrice 600 Pro airframe is optimized with a quick-release landing gear design and folding frame arms, making it a breeze to carry. The GNSS modules and sensor are under the upper cover that provides better accuracy when taking readings.

 It also has a dampening system for the IMU units that boosts the drone’s reliability by a lot. The Modular Design of the Matrice 600 Pro makes it so easy to set up and use. Add to that the Zenmuse cameras and gimbals that are natively compatible, and a maximum payload of 13.2 lb, allow it to fly the Ronin-MX camera gimbal and a range of cameras from Micro Four Thirds systems to the RED EPIC. 

This high-end drone offers you high-quality 4K video monitoring and CrystalSky monitors coupled with Cendence handheld remote controllers. The Matrice 600 Pro was built to last. Its durability is even boosted by a dust-proof propulsion system that simplifies maintenance, while the actively cooled motors make for reliable operation for extended periods.

Elistair Orion Tethered Drone

The Elistair Orion is a tethered drone that was explicitly designed with long-duration observation and surveillance flights in mind. Because its main focus is long-duration flights, the Orion has been built with a frame that’s rugged, weather-resistant, and robust. It’s fully automated and secured, and no piloting skills are required. 

It also has triple positioning (Beidu, Glonass, GPS), a 360° field of view, and a micro-tether for all communications, making it highly secure. The Orion has quickly become a favorite high-end drone for security operations. It offers continuous and global aerial view by remote control, making it risk-free and efficient surveillance for both night and day uses. 

The Orion is a turnkey tethered drone system famous for its tethered flights for national security, public safety, and emergency response. It’s compact, lightweight, and can be quickly deployed by a single operator making it perfect for a wide range of uses, especially for police forces, public safety entities, firefighters, and industrial crisis monitoring. Add to that the unjammable high-speed data connection for both communications and video streams, and it becomes the top choice for commercial drone security services.

Best Drone Service

So there you go, those are the reasons that make high-end drones perfect for commercial drone services, and most aerial companies will have at least one of the above-mentioned professional drones as they are the best in the market. However, you should know that operating and creating a drone fleet is no easy task. It takes experienced pilots who are veterans in the industry and a supply chain that’s efficient enough to continuously maintain the fleet and keep up with regulations and regulatory bodies. 

That’s where Geo Drones can help you. We are an aerial service company that offers top-notch drone services in Dubai and surrounding areas to many industry leaders. Our work takes us on oil rigs and site exploration for gas pockets, ores, and even construction and real estate. We believe in providing the best drone service available to our clients, and that’s why we also maintain a fleet of high-end drones capable of meeting every requirement. So if you need commercial drone services or want to know more about the services we offer, please contact us. You can also drop your questions in the comments below, and we’ll answer them. Also, hit us up on our socials and send in your thoughts and suggestions on improving our services to better cater to your needs. Your input is invaluable to us, so please do send them in. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!